Monday, November 26, 2007

My Mundane Xmas List

The Guerilla Mama asked me for my Christmas list, so I gave her the same list I sent to my insurance company after the fire. Basically all of the things that are "no more" and must be replaced in order for me to begin living a normal life again, once I move back home:
  • Two welcome mats
  • Hallway rug
  • Kitchen rug
  • Bathroom Shelving Unit
  • Hand mirror
  • Shower curtain/liner
  • Salt & Pepper shakers
  • Microwave
  • Queen sized mattress and box spring (Simmons?)
  • Bottom sheet
  • Recliner chair
  • Two window blinds for bedroom (Wood slats?)
  • Kitchen wall clock
  • Make-up organizers
  • Kitchen garbage can
  • Kitchen recycling bin
  • Bathroom garbage can

I think much of this can be gotten from Target, which is what I shall suggest. But if anyone has any other notions of where I can get the fabulous version of any of these items, don't be shy.

I also want a flat-screen LCD TV, a new computer (also flat screen), and a new stereo receiver - so if anyone wants to donate any of these electronic products to my cause, I will be more than willing to blog about them afterwards :)

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