Sunday, November 04, 2007

Street (un)Fair

After the gym this afternoon I strolled through a street fair on Broadway near Union Square. Oftentimes, street fairs are all alike and have the same jewelry, bedding, makeup, lemonade and New York Post subscription stands. But this one had more than its fair share of artisans, so I decided to check some of them out. I encountered one interesting stall that featured groovy cotton stretch dresses and handbags seemingly made from upholstery. I began to touch and admire one, and ran my fingers along the be-chained hand strap at which time the woman (owner? designer? salesperson?) became EXTREMELY annoyed with me and gave me a disgusted glare shaking her head and saying, "oh no...we don't do that..." Um, do what? Actually touch the MERCHANDISE that I might purchase inside the stall of a public street fair in the middle of New York City? I am still annoyed at the sheer ridiculousness of it all. Needless to say I floated on out of there without buying a thing.

And thus ends another street fair season. Stay tuned until March 2008!

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