Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chicago: Robin Richman

Funny, but the first store I visited during my Chicago shopping mission was also the most interesting. Sadly, I was forbidden from taking any photos inside the store and the salespeople behaved as though they were protecting the world's most valuable works of art at MOMA. But to be somewhat fair, this store does offer much more than the standard clothing-and-accessories that we plebeians are accustomed to.

While considering some of the delicate clothing and jewelry masterpieces, created by designers such as Istanbul's Umit Unal, I had to ask, for example, "how do you wash this dress?" I was sternly advised to wear the dress a couple of times until it was unwearable and then hang it on my wall...I assume by a curator. And no I am not even being my usual sarcastic self. This is literally what a salesperson said to me.

Oh, the name of the store you ask? I shouldn't say, but since you can kind of see it in the photo above anyway, guess I will relent: Robin Richman on N. Damen.

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Edith said...

Overall, it was a nice shopping experience. Well, I too love designer jewelry & got best of it at La Redoute.