Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Helik Hair Hero

I have mentioned Helik-the-hair-genius on these pages before. He currently works at Mario Diab on Crosby St. The only reason I dare mention him is he promised that no matter how popular he gets, he will always have an appointment for me.

I asked him this weekend to give me an "Asian Rocker Chick" hair do. And after attempting to heed my wishes, we both agreed that it was not to be. So he really went to work and created this artistic but not too over-the-top up-do the likes of which I have never seen. It was a first for me - getting an actual "do" like girls do, and it was a big hit at the wedding I attended that night. Had it not been for the bride, my hair might have ended up getting married.

He also colored my hair (single process + highlights). And while the whole experience was not what I would call "inexpensive," it was worth every penny. And likely less cashish than if I had gone uptown (read: Madison Ave.)

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