Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ike Designs Jewelry: I just can't get enough

So sue me. OK, please don't. But seriously I cannot get enough of Ike Designs Jewelry by Dori O'Dea. I went to a private showing on Sunday and flipped over the pieces you see pictured here. I have ordered earrings, which I will unveil once I receive them. But in the meantime, I debate over whether or not I should get the necklace with the 2 silver discs -- and what design I should get. She was showing the "D for Dori" sample. AH HA! Perhaps I should get a "G" on top and an "S" on the bottom.
Thank you for helping me work through this.
Otherwise, check out the chain on the one necklace with the stone pendant, and the design of the other necklace. She is planning to make earrings out of the series of discs, thus creating a set.
And the earrings pictured on top - especially the ones to the far left? Amazing. I want those too.

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