Thursday, October 09, 2008

Project Runway: Quick thoughts

OK, two quick things on last night's episode of Project Runway:

1. The greatest TV moment ever EVER is Tim Gunn riding a tandem bike in a suit and helmet with contestant Leann. It was the most fantastic visual shown on my flat screen and you can't tell me that the producers, cameramen, etc. weren't DYING laughing the whole time they were filming it.

2. I don't understand why they ask the final four contestants to create a whole line just to eliminate one of them before anyone even sees it. If I was Jerell, I'd be PISSED. I mean, what is he supposed to do with all of this stuff now sight unseen? Seems a little bit unfair. But such is life I suppose.


Liz said...

I too LOVED Tim on the bike!! Great blog!!

Liz said...

I too loved Tom on the bike!! Great blog, BTW.