Monday, February 16, 2009


Yes, I am on a tear today. I went to DSW this weekend, and perhaps it's down to a weird fashion time of year, but the inventory SUCKED. But the last time I went there I thought it sucked too. So I am wondering if they have turned into DSucksW. Half the shoes are Blowfish...Blowfish? What the hell kind of shoes are those? Well just go look at them, and you will see they are crap. What happened to the Cole Haans and Kenneth Coles? Not that they are the height of shoe fashion, but at least they are in the ball park. OH! And even better, I did spy a pair of Frye boots in black and brown and the price was NOT MARKED DOWN AT ALL. They cost $345 -- Retail! And their sneaker selection stinks too. I will go back one more time in the new season, and if they don't impress me, I think I will have to banish them to Marty's Shoe Warehouse land.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm yeah I went about a week ago [I lost (LOST) my fav. black flats). DSW in Union Sq is not only perhaps the most obnoxious place to shop in ny [next to bloomingdales on 59th and forever21... any of them..], but the fact that their inventory now SUCKS will ensure that I will only be visiting the place for discount shoe petals.