Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anna & PA: My Early Season Purchases

I was so happy when I awoke this past Saturday to discover that it was finally nice outside! So I took advantage of my great good fortune and practically ran down to Momofuku noodle bar to prepare myself for an afternoon of shopping. Yum, by the way.

So after meandering around I was sucked in by the tractor beam at Anna on E. 3rd St., where I scored the striped turtleneckish tunic* for half price and the short-sleeved top* with elastic on the sleeves and a drawstring around the waist for 20% off.
Then Sunday arrived, and while it was a little bit rainy, it was still warm enough to continue on my downtown death march. I travelled through Chelsea, the West Village, Soho, the Lower East Side and then, surprise!, back to the East Village. Specifically, pa (personal affairs) on E. 7th St. After spending a couple of hours here, I emerged with the interestingly embellished black jacket* you see above for half price. And although I feel like their website does not depict the relaxed-but-sophisticated vibe of the store or the nature of its unique apparel (hint: revise it!!), I found a special-offer coupon for first time customers: here.
*Photographs do not sufficiently depict each unique work of apparel very well. In fact, they are terrible. Blame the photographer (me), not the subjects!

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