Sunday, March 15, 2009

GSNYC Commences Closet Cleaning

In hopes that my spring cleaning would have the power to usher in the new season, I took a day off of work and went through my closets. I donated most of my gently-worn castoffs to mother guerilla and to charity, but I offer you some of my best items at wildly reduced prices. And alas, if I have no takers, I intend to donate them to Housing Works on E. 23rd St. and just hope that they pick one or more to grace the artful display windows.
Item #1: Pas de Quoi cotton (very) patterned tunic top. Direct from Paris this size 3 (i.e. large) top can tie around in front or back. I have worn it a few times, but I'm just not comfortable in the style. So it can be yours for $20.
Item #2: This pastel size 4 (i.e. large) Custo Barcelona top is something of a collector's item, as are all Custos. It is several years old and in decent shape, it just doesn't fit me (it's too short for my taste). But it can also be yours for $20.
Item #3: Equipment striped button-down shirt with French cuffs, size medium. I loathe to part with this fab shirt, which I have had for many years, but it is simply too narrow on my..."Rubenesque" body. $40.
Item #4: Size 39.5 black leather Kenneth Cole boots. These fairly pointy, 3.75"-heel, zip-up boots have been worn no more than a dozen times. They are simply too high for me! The whole height of the boot is less than 12" from the top of the boot to the bottom of the heel. In original box. Originally almost $300, marked down to just under $200. They could benefit from new soles, so they are yours for $40.
If you are interested in any of the items email: Pickup/cash only.

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