Monday, March 09, 2009

Guest Blog: Tracy Porter "Crazy Sale"

The contributions from GSNYC friends and family are at a fever on:

So back in December I got a catalog in the mail. Tracy Porter. I was diggin' most of her stuff, but it was super expensive ... like $250 for a shirt. ... Today I was cleaning though a pile of papers & came across the catalog. I went online to checkout the website ... & they are having a crazy sale. Like jewelry that was $150-$300 is now about $25. ... It's all pretty big bulky pieces but I did find a couple of cute things ... & did a lot of gift shopping. Note that there are a lot of clearance items on the site which don't appear in the "clearance" section, so you have to poke around. I feel like she MAY be going out of biz b/c the site has a much smaller selection compared to what was in the catalog a few months ago. Anyway just thinking about GSNY & wanted to let you know :)

Case in point from GS: The pictured disco tunic was $265, now $ it possible?!?

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angie said...

I bought a number of jewelry pieces last week from Tracy Porter's website due to the clearance she is offering. This stuff is gorgeously made, beautiful on, due to the 22kt gold plating. These are lasting and unique pieces.

I hope she isn't going out of business, I believe she just started her jewelry line Fall '08, so I anxiously anticipate her rolling out a new jewelry line soon.s