Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ben-Amun: The eagles have landed

at Ben-Amun as part of the military look for Fall 2010 seen at the Coterie show at the Javits Center. Pins are big. The spikes that Jennifer Aniston wore in a necklace, now decorate a silver pin. Check out the military spread in the current Vogue. Their tribal collection includes Cleopatra gold spike necklaces and brass cuffs that are big - in impact and weight - several inches wide and long - you can skip part of your daily upper body workout. Tribal looks are part of nearly every accessory collection at the show. Their coin collection is still strong. Edgier looks in the industrial collection include necklace fashioned from brass and leather or gunmetal chains. And brides looking for beautiful bling for their big day without breaking the bank for the real thing, can pick up trendy, yet timeless rhinestones and pearls from their collection. Original updater looks from Ben-Amun last a lifetime.

...or so says Nancy Brenner...

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