Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whiplash Inducing Designs at Baraschi

Nancy Brenner is on a roll this week...

'Cuz onlookers will crane their necks for a second sneak peek at sleek colorful creations like a blood orange bustier dress with an optional matching motorcycle jacket. Yoana Baraschi modeled a faux fun fur herself for buyers who shared her bubbly enthusiasm at her busy booth as she shimmied in and out of her slinky designs in seconds at the Coterie show at the Javits Center.  I asked Baraschi which one was her favorite, but she could not choose.

My pick for on-trend velvet seekers, Baraschi's black velvet jacket will upend all others with rhinestone encrusted adornment on the shoulders. A Fall 2010 collection for women who peacock and men who savor the view.

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