Friday, February 26, 2010

Olympian Tress Tips

If there was an Olympics of Blogging, Nancy Brenner would be Kim Yu-Na:

Inspired by Miki Ando's figure Cleopatrian skating performance at the Olympics in Vancouver - and her fab jeweled hair accessory?  Upgrade your updo with accessories like Joannie Rochette's glittery gold comb. Or opt for Gold medalist Kim Yu-Na's coiffure which was held with a striking cobalt blue bolt of color. Take home your own gold with accessories from designer Colette Malouf who says her Fall 2010 is a formal dressy collection which uses an electric blue inspired by the blue butterfly of the Amazon. Colette's hair combs with marabou feathers, transparent gold mesh headbands with malleable woven wire flowers, head wraps and hair adornments could earn their own medals.

Style your hair like an Olympian and the commentators in the room (there always are) will give you high marks, even if there isn't an official scorecard.

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