Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Elie Tahari SAMPLE SALE: Oct. 23 - 27

Git over there now! NOW. The Elie Tahari sample sale is taking place now at 510 Fifth Ave. @ 43rd St. (entrance on south side of 43rd St.). They take credit cards!

There is a long line of mostly women waiting on the sidewalk. This is seemingly annoying at first, until you finally get to enter the sale and realize it's probably a good idea - minimizing the number of people inside makes for a much better sample sale shopping experience. However, you have to hand over everything upon entry and you will also end up waiting on line to get in the dressing room for about 10-15 minutes.


I just spent $766 on pants, coat, jackets (2), top, skirt. Not a small sum, but would have cost me at least double (nay triple!) that at retail. And as a result, I would have bought nothing.

I find that Elie Tahari's sizing isn't exactly made for a guerilla like me - I need bigger tops (size 12) and smaller bottoms (size 8) than my usual - and they still tend to run a little too small on top and big on bottom. This is sort of the story of my sizing life. Bottom line is sample sales - shoot any sale - damn ANY SHOPPING - is usually best for those of you in the skinny size 6 or smaller realm. Of course you will never look as Marilyn-Jane-Pamela hot as I do. So there.

I will try to get some pics of my finds to post soon. I may even go back again later!

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