Tuesday, October 09, 2007

PANTS Pants pants

I am a staunch advocate of pants. I like wearing them. I like shopping for them. In my next life I hope to be a pair of well-constructed pants, preferably black. The one thing I don't love about pants is the price for a good pair. So a friend suggested that I use H&M in my quest for decent pants at a low price. She was right! I just bought 3 pairs of black pants there last night for a sum total of $95 (straight, high-waisted, cords). Now, I have to get them shortened, and possibly taken in a tiny bit, but it will be well worth it.

So how do they offer the public such low-cost trousers? Well, for one, they are not lined. For another, they aren't really meant to last a lifetime. And lastly, they have some kind of Santeria business methodology going on over there at H&M that we as mere mortals are not privy to, lest we meet our maker in a fatal "accident."

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