Monday, October 29, 2007

My Hat is Dead! Long Live My Hat!

I recently learned that my two favorite hats in the world were lost amongst all of the post-fire craziness. They made it to Fabric Renewal for cleaning, and were - in theory - delivered to me with my initial "RUSH" items...but I never got them and didn't know it until last week.

So I did what any normal clothes-freak would do. I freaked. And I searched. I called everyone. I even sent emails to the stores where I bought them hoping that I could get replacements. But no dice...

Well not exactly. This weekend I visited Barbara Feinman where I purchased two hats. The pictured lid may arguably best the one that was lost in transit. Although the photo does little to depict that. I am slowly coming out of my lost-hat-depression. Rejoice!

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