Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Report from Nanette Lepore Sample Sale: July 14-16

Nancy Brenner reports from the floor...

Nanette Lepore Sample Sale
225 W. 35th St nr. 7th Ave, 4th floor
July 14-16, 2009
Tues-Thurs, 9am-7pm

Die-hard Lepore aficionados you know you can't resist - so just head over there. Prices are around $40 for holiday/resort, $40 for a Fall silk piece and $40 for a cotton cardi which seemed pricey compared to the dressy dresses. That is if you're a size - sample size. Then head to the left for the sample rack. Non-sample dresses are expensive for this environment, but if you really love Lepore, go for it. The skirts were $100 (retailed for $275). Lepore is the go-to designer that when I meet with an exec at a Fortune 500 firm, or run off to a BBQ or a wedding - people of all ages, or even a job interview where you want to stand out - both men and women come over to me from across the room or on a city sidewalk to compliment me - even strangers. They admire the cool, striking looks that aren't one-season wonders. Shortest line ever to get in to the sale, space in the dressing room - it doesn't feel that claustrophobic crowding like two females are trying to put their head into the same dress. Staff was sweet and honest - actually told you whether the stuff was fit for your figure and flattering for your coloring - priceless in this economy. Other sample salers had been eyeing the shoes and clothes at retailers like Saks - shoes were in the $50-$75 range. Women who came and said "they need nothing," and "really haven't needed nothing in over a year," walked out with arm-loads.

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Anonymous said...

I've been to several Nanette Lepore sample sales and Nancy Brenner gives a completely accurate assessment--good prices for excellent quality clothes that will leave 'em talking (and gawking!). I used to go when I lived in New York; now I'm in Boston and can only dream. But I've come to look forward to Nancy's reports, which is the next best thing to being there . . .