Tuesday, October 06, 2009

ANNA: The Beetle Dress & the Excellent Jacket

I loved the groovy beetle print dress at ANNA but felt like I needed to ensure that it could be worn any day or night...how to make it day-job appropriate? Well, I figured it out! By putting this short dark navy jacket on over it and tying the belt loosely around its collar I managed to create a bit of a retro office outfit, but with bugs! Funny when people see you from a distance and then change their expressions when they get a closer look at the dress pattern. This is how I entertain myself on the job.
Then I also snagged myself the fab tweed jacket, which is form-fitting in a Ducati leather motorcycle jacket kind of way. It rocks, looks good with anything, anywhere, anytime...and also comes in a red and black pattern (although they are so fantastico that I wouldn't be surprised if they are almost all gone!). Oh, and the big collar can be worn up and closed with a little secret hook-and-eye for those windy fall days.


melissa said...

Hey do you know who the maker of that blue dress is?!?! I'm searching for one like it in purple that i found so so long ago.

Guerilla Shopper said...

Yes it is by Kathy Kemp and only at Anna.