Thursday, October 15, 2009

"School" Shopping: Madewell & Metal Pointus

So that nice human I mentioned the other day thought I needed some (more) clothes and jewelry. And indeed I did.

But perhaps as important, I have two new tidbits to impart:

1. If you want some kickass v-neck T-shirts that come in excellent T-Shirt colors and are as soft as you like, go to Madewell (486 Broadway), where they are offering two-for-$30. My only issue is that they are marketing them as "the 'boyfriend' T." This angle is now officially annoying. Everywhere I look, "the boyfriend blazer," "the boyfriend sweater," "the boyfriend flannel.." OK, we get it, the oversized look is back! Additionally, there's something un-feminist about the whole idea. "Oh I just want to spend my day wearing Todd's T-shirt, so that I have a little piece of him at all times!" That's creepy, and believe me, Todd does not feel the same way about you. He's worried about baseball and the hot new receptionist at his office.

2. I am not a huge jewelry fanatic, but when I find a store I like, I fall in love. Such is the case with Metal Pointu's (252 Elizabeth St.). Lots of big metal jewelry that weighs a lot. So if you are into the pretty little delicate look, this is probably not the place for you. But if you want a bad ass ring, like the one pictured above, that sort of reminds you of a Sleestak, then I highly recommend it.


donkee said...

I totally agree with you about the boyfriend marketing out there. Maybe soon, we'll be seeing boyfriend socks and boyfriend underwear?

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