Thursday, December 03, 2009

Botkier Bags No Bargain at $175-$275 - but better than Minkoff prices...

Nancy Brenner, when does she sleep?:

...and sample sale sections bags were $150 and still leftovers last night - because $150 for samples is pricey - last year you could find a slightly damaged bag for $50. They will be adding new "sample" bags - but get there when they replenish stock in the morning. This year a puny nothing tagged for $75. One man guarded his stash of about nine bags like they were Chanels.  Can you spell eBay? Last night there were fresh eBay postings - probably straight from the sample sale - of course those prices are closer to retail, but if you don't feel like dragging downtown to Lafayette Street in a hit or miss expedition, and don't mind paying a premium try eBay or some of the upscale online boutiques that are slashing prices bringing them close to (or in some cases lower) than sample sale ones.

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