Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hanro: Lux Undie Sample Seekers male and female...

...read the New York Times and Wall Street Journal as they waited on line for superb prices at this top quality line of Swiss underwear, underpinnings, sleepwear, robes and lounge wear. There were only 3 men for 3 full racks of offerings! Serious male hoarder though - and I didn't think that I'd have to compete with a husky tall male for XS underwear at 8:01 this morning - guess his goods will be on eBay tonight. One woman was finished by 8:15 with three big shopping bags full of merch that I suspect will land online too -- unless like many New Yorkers she loathes laundry day and picked up a month's supply. It was a tough crowd and one woman limbered up marathon-style by doing neckrolls and stretches. Panties were the ultra-sought after item here with prices at 6 for $30 (most were XS) and nightgowns in the $40-$45 range. The serious sample sale shoppers (like a guy who said he has been coming for the past 15 years) probably went today, so it's likely safe to do a drive-by tomorrow: 40 E. 34th Street Suite 207. A+ for most literate sample sale.

~Nancy Brenner

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