Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Girly Girls with Great Gams Go to Tracy Reese: Report From The Front Preview

Today's To Do: DvF or Tracy Reese? Samples are $50 at Tracy Reese including current line pieces. Best buys are simply WOW dresses that retail for over $300, and some sparkly ones for over $400. Do your homework as one shopper eyed a leopard print dress online and was able to zone in on it faster than a New York minute on the sample sale racks (those tied with a bow). Sample sizes seemed smaller and shorter than usual and many shoppers tugged at zippers to try to make them fit. Recession weight gain or smaller sample size models? Note that Dillard's is having a fab sale on the lower priced, but equally original line, Plenty by Tracy Reese Carmen style priced at $52.50. Scope out dillards.com before you go and glimpse.com. Patient helpful staff and kudos to fellow shoppers who readily swapped dresses and offered picks that didn't suit their coloring or size.

~Nancy Brenner

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