Monday, June 14, 2010

Loreley Williamsburg: Good World Cup Watching

It is rare that I am one of the first people to try a new and extremely hyped restaurant, but seeing how it is the World Cup and my friend is a real live German, I agreed to go to the new Loreley in Williamsburg on Sunday. We were on a quest to get a seat for the Germany/Australia game, and indeed we did.  We were the first people there at 11:50 a.m. and got the best table in the haus.  Unfortunately, our friends were not so prompt, and we were forced to give up our empty chairs to others before they arrived.  But it was a great time nevertheless.  The food was just as good as the Manhattan location as was the service (I don't envy the waitstaff at all).  And while it's not a huge place, the layout is more open than the Manhattan location. There's also a great outdoor patio with tables and umbrellas, and the bar opens up right onto it.

So if you are going during the next few weeks to watch the World Cup, here are some tips:
1. Show up 2-2.5 hours before the game starts if you want a seat.  Bring your whole crew or else they probably will be ass-out (literally).
2. Get ready for someone in your party to hand over a credit card, so that you can't dine-and-ditch.  Apparently after the US/England game they got majorly stiffed, and so now this is a requirement.
3. Get your haircut like the guy in the picture.

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Guerilla Shopper said...

Oh, another thing, there's only one (big) screen in the place - perhaps they will be getting more - but it's not like your typical sports bar with 12 TVs (this is a good thing in the long run, methinks).