Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lingerie La La Land at Natori: Report from the Front

Sorry you missed the La Perla sale?  Don't be.  The Natori line is insanely priced and you'll wonder two things:  can I buy enough underwear to avoid doing the laundry ever again and why did I ever pay $50 or more for underpinnings?  Sheer shopping giddiness ensued at this sale where bras were $4 and $8, panties for $8, bodysuits for $5 and so on and so forth.  Josie Natori underpinnings that sold for hundreds are $20.  Don't berate yourself for being sidelined by an untold number of sample sales this week.  There is a new shipment coming in. Be prepared to sift through this one - it's worth it. Communal dressing room.

Today only
104 Madison Avenue, 3rd Floor

~Nancy Brenner

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