Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trying to put my finger on "Jersey Couture"

It would be all too obvious to make fun of this new TV show on Oxygen, but I feel like I need to say SOMETHING.  So here it is: call me naive, but how in the WORLD do their customers afford the gowns they buy in this store?  One woman bought a dress for a wedding (as a guest, not the bride) for $999.  Another mom bought her young teenage daughter three different dresses (2 for proms, one for a wedding) that cost - if I am recalling correctly - a total of around $3,000(!)(?).  I guess I am a communist, but this really threw me.  Particularly because none of these people ever balk at the prices.  I mean, can't your daughter wear the same dress to the wedding and one of the proms?  And then they all buy matching new jewelry too! 

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Mariette said...

Dear Guerilla Shopper,

Well, good for you as you speak such common sense! One wonders at this time and age how things end up financially with certain 'spoiled' behavior! There is absolutely no need for wearing one of those expensive dresses but once! And, as you yourself have proven to be for decades, for a savvy shopper you still can look like a millionaire without hurting your wallet!
Wish we had more like you...

Greetings from Georgia/USA