Monday, March 10, 2008

DSW: I saved $345 on Donna Karan Collection Shoes

I haven't purchased much in the way of apparel recently, but because I am a rewards member, I had a $40 off reward from DSW burning a hole in my wallet. So yesterday, I trucked to Union Square to change it from paper into "shoe gold." Well, not only did I score a pair of Donna Karan Collection black satin flats, but I did so at a savings of $345! (I paid just a touch under $50.) Yes, that means that these "slippers" originally cost (or so they say) $395, which is totally nuts. Even at DSW's "original" price they were like $299 - also insane. But then they were on sale at 70% off. Combine that with my $40 reward and voila - $49.98! There was one other pair - size 9 if you are so inclined to join the anti-retail revolution with me!

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