Monday, March 17, 2008

Guerilla Goer-Outer

The GS hasn't been a devoted shopper lately; she seems to have become a Guerilla goer-outer. While this has been fun and social, it's not doing much for her waistline. Alas, here is an incomplete list of where I have tread lately:

M Shanghai (Williamsburg) - interesting hipster Chinese restaurant with private cavern in basement, where friend had bday party.
Bar Great Harry (Smith St., BK) - Basic Brooklyn bar with tons of beer.
Louise & Jerry's (Hoboken) - Bar on Washington with great jukebox. A dying breed. Get there while you can.
Astoria (as in Queens) - Friend's party...
Blind Tiger Ale House - West Village pub with lots o' beers (used to be on Hudson St., now on Bleecker) and some good bar food.

I also did a little looking around for the chandelier I aspire to own - including checking out what few things are left at Domain furniture on Broadway. They had a cute little chandi for half price ($250), but I didn't LOVE it, so I let it go. I also checked out ABC Carpet, for price comparison - and while I did LOVE their lighting inventory, I wasn't so willing to fork over a minimum of $675. It also makes me kind of ill that had I known Domain was going out of business I would have saved about $800 on the wardrobe I bought 2 weeks before the Chapter 11 news broke. Yargh!

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