Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Spitzer: When Purchases Go Very Wrong

I tried to come up with some angle that would enable me to include the most major news du jour on this blog. One of my faithful subjects pointed out that Spitzer's "purchase" really got him in trouble. And he lives in NYC. So it's kind of relevant. Anyway, unless you live under a very large rock, you know the story of our Governor gone wrong.

I find that those who seem to be most righteous and judgmental of others are often doing it as a way to divert attention from their (often worse) wrongdoings. Or perhaps it is a way to exonerate guilt. "I am a-moral but I will force everyone else to be moral. That way it will even out in the universe." It's some kind of weird power tactic.

That said, it is also heartbreaking that someone the public had so much faith in to do the right thing so totally did the wrong thing. He was supposed to protect us from the kind of person that he turned out to be. Imagine how his family must feel?

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