Saturday, June 14, 2008

eBay Score: Daniblack Shoes for $19.99

OK so here they are. The Daniblack shoes I scored on eBay for at total of $29.98 ($19.99 for shoes, $9.99 shipping). Only slightly used, it turns out that if they are hideous in person or don't fit, I can return them. Yes, I know they're kind of a loud color, but I'm trying to find something to go with the kind of loud skirt I posted the other day (the pink with turquoise sequins) and I decided the price was right, Bob Barker. And although I had never heard of this brand before, I did some checking around and it seems like there may be some hidden potential. I will report back once I actually have them in hand and on foot.

1 comment:

Elisa said...

oh, those are adorable! I don't think they are a loud color, they are perfect for summer. hey, if you don't like them, I might just take them off your hands ;-)