Saturday, June 07, 2008

Sex and the City: My Movie Review

So I finally saw Sex and the City on the big screen last night with a gaggle of broads. First, we dined at Lunetta (where the Mayrose used to be), drank ate and drank, and then headed over to the theatre near Union Square on Broadway.

The place was packed with 99% women and 1% "other." I have possibly not ever been in a theater with such a raucous crowd!

Anyway, my assessment of the film is this: it is not as smart or funny as the TV show was on HBO. Why is this? There were way too many hit-you-over-the-head explanations and so-called jokes. It was entertaining enough, but simply just not as good as the show was.

However, if asked to give an award to the best character, I'd have to nominate Kristin Davis who plays Charlotte York Goldenblatt. She's almost a modern day Lucille Ball. It's as if she was the only one who really understood the level of camp that this movie was achieving.

Also, one of the main reasons any of us went to this flick was to see Chris Noth be Mr. Big. And what happens? She (Carrie) refuses to speak to him throughout most of the movie! I don't think that I got my Mr. Big fix. And while he looked good, possibly better than he did during the entire final season of the show, it seems as though he needs to work on his on-screen kissing. Or maybe he just really didn't want to make out with Sarah Jessica Parker. Fear of Matthew Broderick?

I kind of look forward to seeing it again on the small screen, because sitting in the second row was a little bit too close for comfort. What other explanation is there for how Smith went from looking 22 to looking 38 in 4 short years?

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eye4style said...

I 100% agree with you on the script - not at ALL as smart and funny as the series! I still enjoyed it though:)