Thursday, June 12, 2008

Les Nanas: The End of an Era

I am literally unsure how I am going to survive, fashion-wise, after this summer is over. My favorite store in all the (is)land is closing shop in September. I've been holding on to this news, hoping it was a bad dream. But alas, it is real life...Yes, Les Nanas, the store I write about all the time will be no more. The owner, Nathalie, has decided to leave dodge...and thus end a 20-year era of providing fabulous Paris-based fashion to the ladies of Gramercy Park.

As such, everything in the basement is on sale: 50% off! Spy the photo of the skirt I scored, as an example. I believe I paid about $80. And, they have just gotten a bunch of great new stuff in upstairs (not on sale), so it is worth going in to check out as a last -- or even for your first - hurrah.

If by next year there is a palpable negative difference in the level of style in the Gramercy Park area, you now know why.

However, if any of you are wealthy or motivated enough to BUY Les Nanas (and keep it operating the same exact way), I believe she is open for offers and bids. Contact me!


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