Thursday, September 04, 2008

custo barcelona shirt at auction

In the spirit of the paternal grandfather I never met, I thought I'd try my own auction for anyone interested in this worn, but in fine condition, Custo Barcelona top.

If you are not familiar with Custo, it's a Spanish company that creates clothing akin to wearable pop art. I bought several pieces at the now closed Aaron's in Brooklyn and am now ready to pass this one shirt on to an eager taker.
I have to say that the sizing is a bit on the small side for us giant Americans, and one of the reasons I've decided to part with this top is that it is frankly too short on me. But for those of you who are Custo collectors, or 5' 5" or shorter, this may be the item for you!
Just public comment or send me a private email ( with your "bid" and I shall award the highest figure!

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