Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Recession Shopping

So unless you live under a rock, you are painfully aware that the world is trying to endure the worst economic turmoil since the great depression (that's a really long time ago for you yoots). So while large chain stores like the wretched Steve & Barry's, The Gap, etc. continue to close stores or report negative growth, it seems that some of our friendly neighborhood shops are thriving. I have been told by a few of my NYC boutique friends, such as Les Nanas and Anna, that this past summer was their most lucrative ever. Shocking, isn't it? Is it because they are having sales? Better merchandise? Better customer interaction? More European (or at least non-U.S.) capital flowing to specialty shops? What could it be? I still don't have my answer, and probably never will, but I am happy that in some sectors of the economy, those who deserve to be making good money are doing just that.

Oh, and for some so-called recession busting sales, check out the Chloe ruffle blouse on Gilt - on sale for $198 (usually $695, which is completely mental and proves the world is screaming for an "adjustment.")

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