Monday, September 14, 2009

A Great Hamburger Experience: Miller's Bar, Dearborn MI

I found myself in the cutting-edge town of Dearborn, MI this past weekend and had been informed that for one of the best burgers in the country, I had to go to Miller's Bar on Michigan Ave. So my family and I went.

Our first challenge was finding a door to get in - the first door we opened led right into the men's room. The second door looked like once we stepped in that we might never return. But brave and hungry we soldiered on. The largest table in the place sits four, so we arranged five chairs around a four-person table and waited for our waitress. She appeared and barked at each person:
"Whaddya want?" Hamburger.
"Cheese or no cheese?" No cheese.
"How do you want that done?" Medium.
"Fries or rings?" Fries.

Note that we got no menu (there isn't one) and she didn't tell us what they had (turns out they have a few other sandwiches, but no desserts).

The burgers arrived. On pieces of thin wax paper. There was nary a plate in sight. But we ate every last bit and rejoiced.

Then the waitress returned:
"You guys ever been here before?" No.
"Well you don't get a bill." You mean it's free?
"NO! We're on the honor system. Go tell the guy at the bar what you had and he'll tell you how much."

So how were the burgers? They were good, but I think the Miller's experience is the real draw. And this from a New Yorker who thought she had seen it all.

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