Friday, September 11, 2009

Report from the Front: Fashion Night Out

Thanks to Nancy Brenner for reporting on the new national holiday (while I was home sick last night!):

Major missed opportunity for men - bevy of fashion forward women who dressed like they were going to sashay down the red carpet at the Emmy's next week. Platform heels, ankle booties, mini dresses and toned thighs abounded - and that wasn't even the celebs. Started at Saks expecting scores of major makeup freebies as widely promoted. Not so much. I went to numerous counters and I'm too much of a lady to name names, but the consensus was sample only with purchase. Estee Lauder did it right - offered nice samples of Private Collection Jasmine White Moss - and you didn't have to go to the counter to beg for it. Blowout from Frederic Fekkai - only one person doing blowouts - until 7 - for thousands of women on the main floor. On the plus side, I got to meet Teri Jon designer Rickie Freeman who was very gracious and thanked me for coming over. I was two steps away from Elie Tahari who was posing for pics with customers. Spotted David Yurman. And met new to Saks, designer Yoana Baraschi who assured me that her stunning black and red knit color block number featured in the catalogue would fit me - and she was right. She even told me the secret to her rockin legs - Pilates. Wish there was a Nielsen's overnight ratings for sales - just curious how many credit card swipes aside from the makeup counters which were jam packed when I left.

Next stop Prada. Grace Coddington striking flaming red hair and all signing stacks of Vogue - standing with September little red riding hood model Sasha - looking teensy, but gorgeous next to her. I asked about the free t-shirts for Fashion Night Out they were supposedly giving out - but again, this was a gift with purchase.

The big B - Bergdorf's was bustling. Headed straight up the escalator determined to meet the Olsen twins at 7 p.m. Escalators were packed and they stopped letting people on to the 7th floor where the Olsens were supposed to be tending bar. Lots of smells mixed in - free chocolate and nut bits, flowing wine and strangely sausages. Seventh floor was packed worse than the A train at rush hour, but Olsens were nowhere in sight at the appointed hour and many of the hoards simply left in search of water. Ground floor packed with paparazzi snapping pics of celebs. Lots of people buying "Fashion's Night Out" tees. Disappointed hot Olsen fans just left. Major line of fashionistas waiting to get into the store. BG - A+ for coolest crowd, food and liquor freebies, empty makeup counters - if you really wanted a makeup makeover, this was your opportunity.

Final stop - Stacy London of "What Not to Wear" fame - pumped up arms, black peep toe ankle boots. Was standing right next to her at Ann Taylor when she picked out a soul in the crowd who needed a little bit of London tough love. Have to admit, it's one thing when you're fashion quarterbacking from your couch, and another when you are just an eyeball away from her as she's deciding who needs a new bra. London's dad was there - I asked him when she started her shopping sprees - he said she as always a big shopper. London offered to help everyone in the dressing room - the ultimate personal shopper.

Fashion Night Out - Where else can you mix with designers, celebs, models and real people? "What's Not to Like" Just paying retail...

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