Tuesday, September 08, 2009

A report from The Front: Labor Day Edition

As experienced by Nancy Brenner:

My biggest retail boot score ever (so far) was yesterday at Barneys' Warehouse Sale, in the shape of Fiorentini+Baker - the uber stylish buckle boot that also does double duty as an awesome ankle boot as well - $85. Yes - $85 - reduced from $650.

So, there was a little work involved - like trying to bypass the Labor Day line by coming in later, figuring I'd miss the die-hards who came in at 9 a.m. to be the first ones at the starting gate at 10 a.m.

Wrong - waited with the Manolo masses for 40 minutes to get in, at which point the shoe shelves were nearly bare. I begged them to bring in the brown bags in the storeroom with my size - a few paltry pairs at that. Fiorentini boots in hand, I waited on the 'matching pair' line to discover they bought one boot that was full length and the other one ankle. I begged them to find the match - they did - but buckles were missing. Next step - brown buckles appeared instead of black ones - they suggested dye. I suggested finding black buckles. They did. So it was a bit of a project.

Next -- The line to pay was full of disheveled harried women in need of a bio break and their shoes. I used my back-up strategy and headed to the men's department to close the deal. The line was more than double its normal size - but the men were much more relaxed than the women (p.s. why doesn't Cosmo suggest Barney's as a place to meet guys - men are asking the few women there for fashion advice).

Oprah - bring Gail to the Barney's Warehouse Sale sale! You don't have to come in stilettos or makeup or run with a dog to get attention here.

Ladies - note to selves for next big Barneys sale - head to the men's department - they come pre-certified and well-dressed!

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David said...

The shoe section at Barney's is a not good place to look for men. I was at Shoe Mania a couple of months ago and could barely find a seat. It reaffirmed my belief that online shoe shopping is the way to go!