Sunday, September 20, 2009

Little King Ltd.: The Best Bracelet on E. 9th St.

Finally! I made it to Little King Ltd. yesterday after years of seeing their ads and thinking "why have I not yet gone to Little King Ltd?"

Well my glorious monkeys, I have to say it was worth the trip, if not only to come upon certainly the best bracelet on E. 9th St., if not the whole of the East Village. And here it is! It is a most substantial piece, and yes the heart is comprised of real, live red rubies. Like a million of them. And so goes the story - you get what you pay for, so alas our fine bracelet is not cheap! But it is one of a kind, and I was told that a similar sister bracelet is on its way shortly.

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Jennifer Giannella said...

Hi Laura, I was just there last night I bought Joe a new wedding band for our 20th anniversary.
Well there might be some competition for "best bracelet on E.9th St. They have a sugar skull design with black diamond pave' eyes. To die for. Check it out.
Definately my favorite jewelry store ever.