Friday, April 02, 2010

April Sales Bring May Card Debt

and sample sale boo-boos. There are more sample sales than tree allergans in the air, but there's no Zyrtec for the reaction to a spending spree contributing to personal bankruptcies which are at their highest increase since October 2005, according to today's New York Times.
What to know before you go over your limit:
- Spring clean first, so you won't come home with another LBD or pencil skirt that looks like the lost identitical twin to the one you already own.
- Shoes, no matter how cheap, no matter how much it goes with THAT dress, don't be seduced by a one-night fling shoe. They will stare at you at you in the middle of the night from your closet screaming MISTAKE. Think of how much money you will be saving at the podiatrist, physical therapy, on orthotics, on cab rides, etc.
- Buttercup yellow is all over the runway, but if it makes you look like, well, a sour lemon, skip it. Don't be a sucker for a trendy hue that's not for you.
- Never give away a classic. I couldn't let go of this super-cool round black grommet cross-body bag by Cynthia Rowley - and now it's this season's up-dater - and a one-of-a-kind!
- Do a reconnaissance mission in advance of the sales - play a little game called "If I were a millionaire, would I pay retail fill in the blank." If you only want it because a "Babe Ruthless" type from "Whip It" is giving you a hip fracture to get to it, skip it.
- Samples sales can be - addictive, so before you hit Vegas, or the Tory Burch, sample sale, set a limit. Preferably cash. And leave your credit/debit cards at home. Your balance sheet will thank you.

<3 Nancy Brenner

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