Thursday, April 29, 2010

Trader Joe's: A Love Story

Is it because D'Agastino's sucks so much in comparison?  Perhaps.  But the fact that I lost my whole entire wallet there last week and it was returned to me WITH NOTHING MISSING might be the real reason that Trader Joe's is my new boyfriend.

I started revisiting TJ's a couple of weeks ago as part of my attempt to eat differently -- and hopefully -- more healthfully.  Not only do they have an interesting selection of foods, but their packaging, signage and merchandising is fun and accessible. 

I dissed and dismissed TJ's last year because the line to pay can sometimes start AT THE FRONT DOOR.  But it hasn't been that bad recently, and they are extremely efficient and nice and it's like a little party in the grocery store.  Genius. 

Call me, TJ.

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