Monday, April 19, 2010

Lingo: The Blue Dress Chronicles

I've written about Lingo (Chelsea, W. 19th St.) on these e-pages before.  And I will again. 
This time I have to share the wealth regarding this blue dress (which also comes in a reddish-pink hue), with black hand-crocheted detail.  I spied a sample of it a couple of weeks ago, and upon hearing that my size had arrived, booked back there yesterday to try it on.  OK, so it ended up not being the right thing for me, but it is a great summer frock for perhaps someone of smaller stature, and with some actual melanin in their skin, which accounts for about everybody except for me and albinos.

But don't cry for me Argentina, for I picked up two tops and a skirt and booked happily home again.

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