Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Report From the Front: Shoshanna

Dramamine is a must before this dizzy sample sale where you'll be competing with professional "flippers" of merch (I saw a duo at the Barneys sale grab 35 pairs of shoes) and die-hard Shoshanna fans filling out their spring and summer wardrobes. At $50 a dress (retailing at $305 and $350) you can't beat the bargains. There are some dresses with busted zippers - recessionistas don't despair - head one block south to Pacific Trimming at 218 West 38th and get one for a buck! Lots of vivid reds, purples and prints. A must for their true sample size and those with tailors who can take in or let out pieces for a perfect fit.

Today and tomorrow
231 West 39th Street, Suite 422
~Nancy Brenner

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Heather said...

i really love your blog. i just stumbled across it, and i agree that the shoshanna sale was fab! can't wait for the next!