Friday, May 07, 2010

"Beat the Clock" at Flash Sales Without Breaking Your Budget

Five Tips to Gilt, Rue La La, Haute Look, Totsy and the ever-breeding flash sales, by Nancy Brenner

Put any items you might want immediately into your cart. Invite friends, family and foes to join (you can earn a credit anywhere from $5-$20 each time one person makes a purchase).  Don't want the UPS man to be your new BFF as you race around returning stress-triggered purchases? Send a pic to a shopping buddy and make sure items fits into your budget, lifestyle and CLOSET.

Best categories to buy: items where you absolutely know your fit, like lingerie, or fit is not an issue, like, luggage, baby clothes, picture frames, blow dryers.

Check color before you click - a trigger-happy shopper trying to buy a shoe before it's gone may not realize the switch from the picture in the color (black) to the one that's available (hence I have a Tory Burch nearly never worn pair of orchid hued flat with navy studs in my closet).

Absolute must have - or maybe not so much - if you're teetering, wait for the final sales, when you'll swoop in and get best buys (if there is something left in your size).

And lastly, flash sales can be addictive, someone told me she drops at least $100 every time she goes on Gilt, so try not to log on every day out of habit.

And for more insights, read today's USA Weekend article (GSNYC is mentioned!):

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Anonymous said...

Let's not encourage hoarding. It's rude at brick and mortar sample sales and it's rude online.