Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lines at Louboutin - line cutters abound, REPORT FROM THE FRONT

Nancy's there, and here's what she has to say:

Semi-pro women standing on line for two hours waiting for their group of six "friends" to show. Passports and driver's licenses being flashed for entry while other manage to sweet talk their way in. Flip-flop shod feet were probably the smartest way to get through the sale, good luck to the ones who went in with boots. Nearly an hour before the first victor emerged with three white bags of shoes. Most popular excuse for people missing half a day of work or more - doctor's appointment. One woman with dubious proof of identity scouting for a person to vouch for her - and she did find a stranger willing to - in exchange for a better spot on the line. Three+ hour wait to get in - if there's anything left. Is anything worth being eyeballed by competitors trying to size up your shoe size, continous line cutting, standing in line wishing you hadn't had that coffee maybe an hour or so ago - maybe if you're flipping on e-Bay or unemployed.

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Anonymous said...

So glad I passed on this sale! I would be raving mad if I RSVP and STILL had to wait in line to see shoes that I hear aren't even all that and are still very very expensive.