Thursday, May 13, 2010

Skip the Zoloft and Score a Custo: Custo Barcelona for Women & Men

No cookie cutters at Custo. If Lady Gaga wore hoodies, T-shirts, or dresses that didn't have cut-outs everywhere, she'd be sporting this line's splashy looks. Head downstairs to the one-of-a-kind sample room where both women & men can find vintage and current pieces - check out the raincoat rack - nothing like it in the city! Shopping here is like going to a hip day spa that happens to sell feel happy clothes. If you're a supermodel, or want people to think you are one - there are size 9 runway boots that rocked the catwalk. THERE IS NO DRESSING ROOM. That didn't stop people from stripping at this co-ed sale. Dress accordingly. Check out Searle which carries the line. Hoodies slashed from over $100 to $39. T-shirts $29. Fun and affordable.
474 Broome Street
Thursday - Sat 10a-8p

~Nancy Ga Ga Brenner

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