Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Report from the Front PREVIEW: Lafayette 148

Nancy Brenner braves the humidity in the name of fashion:

These deals were so sweet, it made me wish I was the size 8 sample size.

Forty dollars for a Swiss cotton sateen skirt w/golden studs that retails for $448 or a fringed tweed skirt retailing for $498 were seen at the preview of tomorrow's Lafayette 148 sample sale. Sizes range from 0 petite to 3X.  One of the best-priced sample sales of the year.

Leather jackets and skirts are $100, reduced from $698 and $595. Spotted the Mila charmeuse blouse for $35, retailing for $298, as well as the safari shirt, flower embellished cardigan, beaded tunics and other "where did you get that?" pieces. And if you are a seamstress, or know one, check out their fabulous bolts of fabric for sale too.

Ladies there IS a dressing room this year.  YAY!  

148 Lafayette Street; 9-7

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