Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Adrienne Landau (fur!) sale

I know fur is bad and horrible and we should throw red paint on anyone who wears it, but I have had a recent inexplicable interest in it. So sue me.

So...from yesterday's New York magazine Best Bets Daily:

Mink jackets (now $2,000), fox-trimmed cashmere stoles (now $500 to $750), and fur scarves (now $100 to $250) are on sale at the Adrienne Landau showroom.

When: 12/18 and 12/19 (9:30–6).
Where: 519 Eighth Ave., at 36th St., 21st fl. (212-695-8362).

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The Spectator's Fortnightly Review said...

You are right. Buying fur IS bad. The fur industry is based upon pain and cruelty. If you knew exactly how the animal and his fur were parted from each other, you would puke. I absolutely do not understand why some humans need to puff up their egos by supporting torture and slaughter -- because that's what it is. There is no nice way to put it.
Jane, NYC