Sunday, December 23, 2007

Les Nanas: New Year's Eve Dresses

OK, let's make no mistake about it. Black is the new and old black. It makes life much easier because there are so many matchable options in terms of shoes, bags and other accessories. And you can make a wicked dramatic statement if you so choose.
SO! What the heck are you going to wear this New Year's Eve? I have a thought: why don't you try on one of (or all of) the above pictured dresses at Les Nanas de Gramercy? They are all tres cool (to speak French) and will certainly turn heads or at least encourage curious questions from admirers of all genders. Les Nanas also carries a wide variety of jewelry, bags, scarves, belts and so you really may be able to make a whole outfit as a result of one shopping excursion.
I tried on each of the above pictured garments. The black ruffly skirt and its much shorter sister are cause for celebration alone. They are not for the wallflower type, however. Put one of these things on and you better be ready to shake it into 2008.
The other dresses are all uniquely beautiful, using a semi-shiny material that in some ways imitates leather, and then in others, metallic-esque silks. Interesting, and not a trend I have necessarily seen around otherwise. Leave it to Paris (which is where all of the apparel in the store originates).

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