Tuesday, January 15, 2008

BigCityDirect: Laptop Computer

Since we're in the BIG CITY, it only makes sense that I write about BigCityDirect. Especially because they hooked me up recently, where Buy.com merely drove me batty.

In urgent need to replace my slow and huge Dell PC that rivals the size of WOPR, I decided I needed a slick lap top. This would move me into the 21st Century and simultaneously provide me with some extra space as I quest for Feng Shui-ity.

My friend who loves all things computers began to look out for the good deals on Buy.com. These kinds of sites offer refurbished computers that are hundreds of dollars cheaper than new ones, and in most cases are pretty much brand new.
The rub with Buy.com was that I provided them with a mailing address different from my billing address so they kept cancelling my order on me. Then I called and talked to a live person about the situation and she took my order again...and d'OH! Cancelled again. So after four tries my computer friend suggested BigCityDirect. Not one problem. A little more expensive - but worth it. I shall be turbo-blogging in no time!

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