Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pinkberry & The Empire State Building?

AT LONG LAST. The Pinkberry on 3rd Ave. and 26th St. is open!! I wasn't sure at first, because there was no Grand Opening or line wrapped around the block...but a few people were working inside with customers drifting in and out. Is it too cold outside for The Berry? Does nobody know it's opened? Is this 'hood not full of yogurt eating throngs of 20-somethings akin to those on the Upper East Side? This may be a good sign for my neighborhood, however I fear that the masses will descend soon enough. I am trying to figure out how to get a vacuum tube constructed so that the swirly goodness can be delivered through some kind of suction apparatus from the store and into my hands in a "beam me up" instant.

I also noticed that the Empire State Building was illuminated in a similar green color tonight - see the similarity in the following video? Is the ESB lit up in Pinkberry green in honor of the opening? Probably not, a fun coincidence, perhaps.

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