Sunday, August 10, 2008

Anna: Call Me Late to the Party, But Please Call!

I'm not exactly sure how I missed out on this store all these years, but located on E. 3rd St. in the 10009, Anna is the front runner to become my new favorite store.

Upon entry, I spent about 15 minutes rummaging through the sale bin. I found the coolest pair of blue cords that had a 'sailor'-button up front and a naughty little lace-up in the back. I have not bought them (yet), for a reason (of my own doing) that I will get into later.
After emerging from the bin-pile, I began surveying the rest of the apparel hanging along the perimeter of the store. At first glance I almost decided that it was merely another one of those little dime-a-dozen stores full of delicate pretty little dresses for delicate pretty little girls. I was quickly derailed from that notion by the saleswoman who swooped in and really made the apparel come to life with her styling expertise. I realized that this is no lightweight outfit (pun intended).

In fact, I was suddenly trying on a suit, tops, dresses and the like that I thought would never ever fit or look good on me and my solid - nay - "athletic" frame. So while I did have to try on the largest sizes available (which was why I haven't yet bought the naughty cords, which were a smallish size 8), everything I tried on somehow fit perfectly, or hid my mid-section flaws, or accented my best features. I'm not really sure how these clothes achieved this illusion, but they did. I was torn between the pants, suit and four dresses that magically transformed me into a hot chick.

So since I am on a mission to dress like a respectable grown-up whenever possible, I went with the grey pinstriped suit, which was on major sale for $181, and a dress that was form-fitting but not in a cheap or too young kind of way (see photos, pizza not included). I am on the verge of purchasing at least one of the other dresses - but perhaps only if it's made in a different color or pattern - only because I have so many black/grey colored dresses that I want my new fab dress to stand out. Perhaps a burgundy or even an off-white?

So my only concern is that if I gain another ounce and a half, I shall be sized right out of these exquisite clothes. But I suppose that is my problem, not Anna's. Maybe I'll jog downtown to the East Village as part of my new dual exercise/shopping regimen.

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